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The Eastern and Coastal Diocese (ECD) is one of the twenty Dioceses of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania (ELCT). Dar es Salaam is the place where the Lutheran Church began in Tanzania when in 1887 pastor Johann Jakob Greiner was sent as a missionary from Germany. In the tradition  of  Uniate Lutheranism the church was organized as a synod of the congregations from the coast to Morogoro which was known as Uzaramo-Uluguru Synod. After independence this synod was constituted and registered as an independent church on 13 December 1962 and part of ELCT. In December 1970 the church had grown so that a separate  ELCT Eastern and Coastal Synod was formed. In 1986 the church changed its constitution and introduced the office of bishop so in December 1986 the name was changedto ELCT Eastern and Coastal Diocese.

The mandate of the Diocese is obtainedfrom God himself, the constitutions of the ELCT and the Eastern and Coastal Diocesetogether with the constitution and the laws of the Country. In fulfilling the constitution and the laws of the Country the ELCT:Eastern and Coastal Diocese is a legally registered as a religious organization in Tanzania and given the certificate of registration No. SO.10525 of 25/8/2000.

Geographically its area covers the regions of Dar es Salaam and Coastal Region as well as the islands of Zanzibar and Pemba. The headquarter is in the the city of Dar es Salaam which is a fast growing metropolis that attracts people from different parts of Tanzania and other countries. 

The city is the economical centre of the country and harbours big potentials for the Diocese and the country at large.
The ELCT – ECD cooperates and work closely with not only with United Republic of Tanzania government and local NGOs, FBOs, and CSOs but also works either in collaboration or in partnership with foreign multilateral and bilateral organizations and sister church organizations based in Africa, Asia, Europe and America.