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Rev. Andrew Brown King’homella
is the District Pastor of the Southern District.

Our News

July 03, 2018

The Bible teaches us to expect mental jolts when we think about God. It teaches us that our familiar ways of seeing things may be replaced.

July 03, 2018

Inductive Bible study consists of three component parts, which we will look at separately, but which frequently overlap in practice.


The Southern District of the diocese counts 15 parishes and 42 subparishes. It covers the area south of the city center and stretches into Coast region towards Rufiji River, including the island of Mafia.

In this district there are the following projects:

  1. Renovation of the Mjawa Health Center
  2. Building the new District Office
  3. Shine Secondary School
  4. Ongoing construction of church buildings
  5. Ongoing construction of residence buildings for personell in congregations and district


P.O. Box: 46115 Dar es Salaam, TANZANIA.
  • Phone: Mobile +255 717 961 315
Email: or
Location: Sandali-Temeke, Dar es Salaam, off Dr Omari Ali Juma Rd , eneo la Vetenary Evangelical Lutheran Church

Our Office

Name Position Email Phone
Rev. Andrew Brown King’homella District Pastor +255 713 329 615
Ms. Eliaika Mariki Kaimu Katibu wa Jimbo
Mr. Tumtukuze Gondo Clerk +255 754 911118
Rev. Prosper Regnald Chao District Coordinator for Mission and Evangelism +255 715 528 233
Rev. Debora Elias Lusambi District Coordinator Diaconia +255 719 145 596
Rev. Paulo S Lusambi District Coordinator UKWATA +255 784 200 374
Rev. Alex Erasto Mwanga District Coordinator for Youth +255 654 840 719
Rev. Matilda Nitwa Mbwambo District Coordinator for Christian Education +255 713 400 109
Pw. Rhoda Julias Kimaro District Parish Worker +255 762 741 924
Evg. Frank Mwakalasya District Evangelist +255 684 107 201
Ms. Lainess Kihundo Christian Education Coordinator +255 754 926471